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Texas Tourism

Edelman PR + Texas Tourism required excellent videos, efficiently crafted, to boost their influencer-led 2018 Texplorer social media campaigns. Collaborating with our team, we created 17 authentic, doc-style videos over 10 epic days – we’d film and travel all day, edit every night in a small town hotel, find the strongest wifi spot, upload the final edit the next morning, snag some bananas from the suspicious ‘free breakfast’, and rush out to do it all over again.

The finished products were unleashed on Texas Tourism’s social media channels every afternoon, providing their audience a ‘ride along’ visual experience, plus marketing momentum for Texas.

Travel videos are a favorite with our team, beyond the adventure there’s an urgency to it that agrees with our style.

Watch 'Texplorer Road Trip' Full Recap // 200k views and counting
Watch 'Texplorer Day 3' Wimberly, TX // 200k views and counting
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Before each trip, we held crucial strategy sessions hyper focused on detailing their audiences, their brand voice & style, and the essential visual content that has connected most with their followers.

We shared related videos that showed the closest idea of what style was needed, and more importantly what was not needed. Our team discovered they benefited most from authentic, not ‘over produced’, visuals and messaging.

These insights were documented, providing project-wide clarity, which is foundational for a proactive and efficient production.

Post Project Recap

After each trip we met again and shared our experiences to further refine our process and communication. The insights from the wrap up session were also documented, improving efficiency and quality for future collaborations.

Our campaign collaborations quickly grew into Texas Tourism’s most successful social media video campaign, ever.

A look into our improvement process