Republic of Texas Biker Rally 2017


ROT Rally has always had a certain brand. Most people know the Rally as a beer chugging, bare breasted, head banging party full of wild biker gangs. They needed to update their image, so we decided on a series of videos that would highlight their unique events and direct the focus on the younger crowd who are the future of the event.

The Rally was recovering from a major hit in attendance, following a shootout between bikers and police in Waco, TX less than a month before the 2015 event. Based on that event and shifting demographics in the motorcycle industry, ROT Rally knew it needed a change.

ROT Rally also needed to showcase their top vendors, in order to recruit bigger and better companies to partner with in 2018.

We collaborated on three videos – a full recap of the event, a video focused on top vendors, and a short, punchy social media cut for their Facebook audience, featured here.

Producer + Director + Editor // Michael Anthony Gibson
Cinematographers // Magic Hoskins + Angela Herr
'Vendors and Sponsors'


ROT Rally’s marketing staff ¬†and I brainstormed on the best approach for the videos, in order to best achieve their goals.

We created a detailed spreadsheet highlighting the most important and eye catching events like daredevil Doug Danger’s big stunt, flat track racing, custom bike show, and headlining bands.

They provided me with a list of vendor and sponsor contacts to interview, and we mapped out key points we wanted them to cover in their interviews. We captured beautiful footage of each vendor and event in action.

Production + Delivery

Filmed over three blazing hot Texas summer days in June, my 2 person camera crew and I captured the experience of over 40,000 bikers from around the world descending on the Rally.

We tore around in our golf cart interviewing vendors and sponsors, filming the events and stunts, and focusing on the women riders and younger folks attending the event.

The Facebook edit was cut and delivered within a few days, while the Rally was still fresh on everyone’s mind. The other two videos were perfected over the next week, and delivered with great reception. Here’s to 2018!