Dental Maverick Summit 2017


Dr. Tuan Pham is a seasoned marketing professional. His company Dental Maverick helps dentists master communication, staff management, and leadership with his online courses and books.

With the Dental Maverick Summit, Dr. Pham is bringing together 10 all-star Dental Mavericks to give actionable tips and advice for dentists looking to grow their business.

Only problem was, no one has ever heard of the event.

28k+ views and counting
Producer + Director + Editor // Michael Anthony Gibson
Cinematographer + Colorist // Magic Hoskins
'Vision Cut'


Dr. Pham and I developed a vision and script based on the goals – build awareness of the event, demonstrate the value of the 10 speakers as experts not salespeople, emphasize the awesomeness of Austin, and promote exclusivity with limited attendance.

We went back and forth on budget, with Dr. Pham needing a line by line breakdown. I cut the gaffer, but was able to convey the value of color grading, and we landed on a budget we were both comfortable with.

Using a combination of Dr. Pham’s existing Youtube clips and footage from other projects, I cut together a video demonstrating the potential style and feel of the final product. I had originally wanted to see more movement and shots of Dr. Pham in action, but he convinced me it should be simpler and to focus on the city and let the script do the work. Dr. Pham is not the first intelligent person to advocate for simplicity.

Production + Delivery

Since the event was happening soon, we had a very tight deadline. With Dr. Pham’s busy schedule it was a challenge to find the time, and the first day we secured was rained out. We had to reschedule for the following week, only giving me a few days to edit and deliver.

The next week came and again the weather wasn’t looking good.¬†Dr. Pham and I were in regular contact, glued to our weather apps. Shooting day came and the weather radar showed potential clear skies and we decided to go for it. Luckily right at sunrise the clouds broke and we had perfect weather.

We could have never predicted that same morning there was a large political rally and a full landscaping crew working. Fortunately for us the rally headed downtown and away from us, and we were able to communicate with the landscaping crew and they worked on a different area of the park.

Working with my favorite creative/technical ninja Magic Hoskins, we knocked out Dr. Pham’s script in a few hours, and he was on his way. We then captured additional shots of the beautiful city to add in with Dr. Pham’s script.

That’s a wrap.

With the deadline in just a few days, editing, motion graphics, sound mix, and color grade were accomplished in a sprint with minimal revisions. The final version was delivered on time, and we are all happy with result.