Vandelay Education


Vandelay Education had a problem – every time they posted a job listing, they were flooded with unqualified responses. They needed a better way to communicate their unique job requirements, while filtering out unqualified candidates.
We collaborated on creating a series of videos outlining the job, how it’s unique, and what type of qualifications they are looking for; as well as, showing Vandelay’s family-like culture and support.
This is the short and sweet social media version, I also produced three additional videos which are more in-depth.
Producer + Director + Editor // Michael Anthony Gibson
Cinematographer + Colorist // Magic Hoskins
'About the Program'


To grasp exactly what message Vendelay needed, I interviewed past and present employees about how they found out about the job, what made them choose Vandelay over other schools, and what they loved best about the job and company culture. Using this information we developed a set of questions and keywords for the interviews we used in the videos.

We used Basecamp to arrange a list of other videos that represented the look, feel, and pacing we needed. We auditioned several music tracks to find the right sound and beat. We wanted to avoid slow or ambient music, like one employee put it, “Who wants to go home after a long day and listen to sleepy music on a video!?!”

Production + Delivery

Filmed over two days, we interviewed 8 current instructors, and captured ‘day in the life’ style footage of one of the classes. We focused on student and instructor interactions, smiles, and personal connections.

I edited the best soundbites from each instructor together with the best shots from the class, adding a music bed, and simple, clean text graphics. The result was a  heartfelt and informative video series that clearly communicated what working at Vandelay Education is all about.

Vandelay used our videos to ‘raise the bar’ on their recruiting candidates, sourcing more qualified prospects, and saving the time and energy previously wasted on digging through unqualified resumes.