Motorcycle Missions


Motorcycle Missions needed to promote their charity bike build, and we collaborated on a series of short social media videos filmed during multiple stages of the build.

I cut each day into a 60 sec highlight video, which they posted shortly after filming. At the end, I combined the whole thing into a mini documentary showing the entire process and the people involved.

This video is from day one of the build.

'Day One'
Producer + Director + Editor // Michael Anthony Gibson
Cinematographer + Colorist // Magic Hoskins
'Full Mini Documentary'
Additional Footage // Dalton Campbell


This project came together at the very last minute, so I was tasked with finding the story during production. I researched Motorcycle Missions and watched their previous videos to get a direction.

This project was all about highlighting the relationships of the veterans as they deal with PTSD. Veterans getting together with other veterans for a singular purpose, really helps them relax and feel like themselves again.

Production + Delivery

Filmed over many weeks at multiple locations, including the giveaway at ROT Rally 2017, my crew and I captured the spirit of the build and the connections that were made in the process.

We interviewed everyone involved, and combined the weeks of footage into a simple story about a bunch of vets building a bike for a good cause.