Michael Anthony Gibson

P r o d u c e r  +  E d i t o r
Hey. Let’s collaborate to create your branded short films.
I’m proudly based in Austin, Texas with international experience.

Indian Motorcycle + The Brand Amp

‘Motorcycle Missions Build-Off’ – 8 video series

Director + Editor

Dell Medical School

‘The Opportunity to Rethink Health’ – 3 videos

Director + Editor

Facebook + Swng

‘Signals Health’ Commercial



Marcus Technologies Customer Story

Director + Editor

Travel Texas + Edelman PR

‘Texplorer’ – 19 videos

Director + Editor

Big Medium + Swng

E.A.S.T. + W.E.S.T. candid artist stories

‘Liliana Wilson’

‘Nadia Waheed’

‘Roni Zulu’

‘Evan Voyles’




‘Creative Stories’ – 2 videos

Director + Editor

Ranch House Recovery

‘Why We Started Ranch House Recovery’

Director + Editor

UT Construction Industry Institute

‘The Power Of Us’ Explainer

Director + Editor

Lumen Rain

‘Spread Your Light’


noisey + Emerge

‘Ronnie Vannucci + Residual Kid in the studio’

Director + Editor

Jonathan Terrell

Black Fret ‘For Your Consideration’

Director + Editor

Black Swan Yoga + Swng

‘BSY.tv’ Commercials – 2 videos


Not in the Face + The Bubble

‘History In The Making’

Director + Editor

Netflix + The Velvet Cartel

‘The Gentleman Driver’ – Streaming on Netflix now

Assistant Editor