“I need a video, but I don’t know where to begin.”

“I need an expert that can tell ME what needs to be done.”

As an experienced video Producer, Director, and Editor, I am here to shepherd you successfully through every step of the process. You will receive beautiful videos that truly serve your needs.



Video Production Process



Asking lots of questions to identify what your business does and how you provide value. Researching your audience’s habits and your competition’s best practices.

I strive to internalize your company culture and goals, so I can move forward quickly without constantly bugging you for answers later in the process.



Defining message and approach. Interviewing your target audience to learn more about their decision making. Developing interview questions or script based on the insights gained.

Watching lots of videos to find what we like and don’t like. Finding the right music, text, and graphic elements needed to enhance your message.

Defining budget, scope, deadline, milestones, logistics, locations, casting, and finalizing every detail prior to filming.



Now the fun part – lights, camera, action, edit, revise, finalize. Conducting interviews and capturing beautiful footage. Editing the footage to create the best message and flow.

Shortly after filming you will see a near finished rough cut, ready for review. It’s at this point that everyone will have a chance to see the video and provide any notes, if necessary.



Revisions incorporated, audio mixed, color perfected – we now have a finished, polished video ready to share with the world.

You will receive a final digital file perfect for your website and social media, or I can post for you.

The Best Brands Stand Out With Striking Videos.

Texas Tourism


Tastemade Travel


Event Recap

Event Promo



Don’t Just Take My Word For It.

Christina D.People Development @ Vandelay Education

“We love how the whole thing is a story and draws you in. A couple of people either had an allergy attack or got a bit misty!”

Martyn B.Co-Founder @ South Austin Brewery

“Holy shit! I just did a flip! Great stuff Gibson….”

Ashley DuPreePartner Relations // ROT Rally

“YOU ROCK! I love working with you – thank you so much!”

McKenzie L.Digital Account Executive @ Edelman

“Amazing!!!!! Ah, I love it.”

Thomas I.CEO // Vandelay Education

“Thanks Gibson for all of your hard work. We really appreciate it and also have received compliments already for the video. ”

Cameron BerkmanDirector of Video Production // Resignation Media

“Looks great! Thanks for your hustle on this, dude.”

Greg DavisFounder+CEO // Dolphin Consulting


Karen RabonRace Director // Cupid's Undie Run

“The video is WONDERFUL!! Thank you, Gibson!”

Patrick P.Producer // The Chive

“It's rad!”

Tevia A.Senior Director, Global Marketing @ Revionics

“Looks awesome!”

Recent Client List


Texas Tourism // Revionics // Tastemade // Edelman PR // Vitals Agency // Boundless // eXp Realty // The Chive // ROT Rally // Vox Solid Communications // Vandelay Education // Dental Maverick // Maggie Louise Confections 

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